Nov 11 - 12, 2014

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Engineering Assembly of Russia 2014:
"Systems Engineering of industrial architecture of the future"



Engineering Assembly of Russia in 2014 was held on 11th and 12thof November in St. Petersburg which is the largest engineering center of the country.

On 11th of November, 2014 business program was held. Greetings were received from the State Duma of Russian Federation and Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation. The event was dedicated to the highly efficient engineering as a valuable resource of economy, and as a driver for progress and innovations. Now, especially in connection with the import substitution program production sector like never before domestic enterprises need the latest engineering elaborations and smart systematic approach to production management. That is the reason why this year Engineering Assembly has aroused great interest among professional engineering community, representatives of public authorities and experts in the field of engineering, top managers of industrial enterprises and mass media.

The Assembly was opened by Alexey Korablev, president of Concern R-Pro, chairman of HiTech&Engineering Cluster of Northwestern Federal District, Chairman of Engineering club, academician of Engineering Academy. He welcomed the international guests from France, Germany, Israel, all members and partners of the Engineering Club as well he has outlined the main topic of the plenary session: "Systems Engineering as an interdisciplinary tool to improve the complex systems efficiency."

President of St. Petersburg Engineering Academy Alexey Fedotov in his welcoming speech has wished a good work to all participants of the event and has specified: "Engineers need to think about how to raise the prestige of our profession and our Homeland." The next speaker was Vladimir Kutuzov, Rector of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI: "Over the past 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union the reorganization of domestic economy has been conducted. Some industries were thrown back in pre-industrial period. At the same time, there still are clusters that are successfully developing and corresponding to high world level but in very limited conglomerates. It is easy to understand that a single cluster can not turn its industry into a competitive one. There should operate all levels of government – in this case electronics, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and other industries will be as successful as oil and metallurgy. Systems Engineering is a matter of national importance. And only we, together: enterprises, higher and secondary schools, business, government - can solve this issue. "

Heinrich Brudnyi, Head of Systems Engineering at IBM international R & D lab in Haifa, told about international experience of systems engineering: "The most progressive large companies in the West have long been aware that their future depends on the latest developments. But now many small businesses also come to this conclusion. And each self-respecting university already has a master degree in systems engineering. Knowledge is already there, we just have to reach out and get it. "
The next speaker Valroff Laurent, CEO of Dassault Systemes CIS, has presented his vision of the problem: "Engineering activities has always been developed under the influence of current economic model. Today, an engineer should necessarily know how to interact with other members of design and production operations. Almost any engineering project is implemented not only on paper but in digital form. And consequently modern software usage is one of the most important task in the process of engineering and in its integration with other business areas. "
After President of Russian branch of INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) Anatoly Levenchuk has given a definition to systems engineering as a multidisciplinary approach towards obtaining successful systems in which the systems are considered throughout their life cycle, the audience has aroused a lot of questions and a professional discussion has struck up and then continued in the second sectional part of the first day of the Forum.

During the second part of the event there were three parallel sections working: "Innovative technologies increase of engineering and production sector efficiency ", "Measures of state support and development of engineering", "Engineering science and education as a capital for innovative breakthrough." In the first section presentations were made by CEO of 5Mikron Engineering Alexei Bragin, director for business development of IBM GBS Gumerov Sergey, head for collaboration solutions of Concern R-Pro Sergey Lipinski, president of Union of Founders Vladimir Yevseyev who has also been a moderator.

Moderator of the second section was Marina Lipetskaya, director of "Center for Strategic Research" North-West ".

Chairman of Committee on industrial policy and innovations of St. Petersburg Maksim Meyksin, CEO of NPO Fund of preplant investments Michael Rayak were acting. An agreement on cooperation between HiTech&Engineering Cluster and NPO Fund of preplant investments was signed.

The third section was moderated by director of international center of economy and business development of SPbSUE Olga Korableva. Were heard speeches from ITMO, LETI, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Institute of innovative technologies in business, St. Petersburg State University of Economics.

As final provision for resolution of the Assembly it was suggested: to hold the Assembly annually, to spread the experience of Engineering Club more actively and to bring to the next meeting representatives from other regions of Russian Federation, to compile and transmit to the organs of state government the proposals for development of domestic engineering and production sector, to refer to the authorities with proposal to establish in St. Petersburg House of engineers that would become a networking center for national professional engineering community to improve the efficiency of the production sector.

On November 12 , 2014 in Gatchina district of Leningrad region a new production facility of 5Mikron Engineering has been launched. 5Mikron Engineering Company (a member of HiTech&Engineering Cluster) has built a new high-tech production facility based on principles of rational production systems engineering. The concept of rational production has been presented as part of opening ceremony by Chairman of the Board HiTech&Engineering Cluster Alexei Korablev. The ceremonial launch of the plant was accomplished by vice-governor of Leningrad region Dmitry Yalov, senior vice-president of Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce Irina Panchenko and CEO of 5Mikron Engineering Alexei Bragin. Tour around the plant for invited guests and participants of Engineering Assembly introduced to the audience details of production organization in 5Mikron Engineering.

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November 11, 2014

St. Petersburg, PetroCongress Congress Centre, Lodeynopolskaya St., 5




November 12, 2014

Leningradskaya oblast, «5Mikron Engineering» enterprise, Krasnoselskoye shosse, 16/2B


Location of Engineering Assembly of Russia - Saint Petersburg that is the 4th largest city in Europe, an important economic, industrial, scientific and cultural center.

St. Petersburg has historically concentrated engineering activities of Russia. There are a lot of engineering education institutions both higher and secondary, research institutes, design offices, engineering centers and engineering and technical services operating for industrial enterprises, a large number of companies operates in the field of engineering and HiTech services. St. Petersburg, of course, is also a unique architectural center, an open-air museum.