29 June 2022, Saint-Petersburg

Engineering Assembly 2022

Digital engineering industries of the future
20 June 2022, Saint-Petersburg

Engineering Assembly 2022

Digital engineering
20 June 2022, Saint-Petersburg

Engineering Assembly 2022

Industrial engineering
Engineering Assembly of Russia 2022
Digital Engineering Industries of the Future
Russia, 29 June 2022
Highly efficient engineering

Highly-efficient engineering is one of the main resources for economy which should become a driver for innovations and progress of the country. Specifically engineering can achieve high rates of sustainable economic growth which are a prerequisite condition and tool to ensure national interests, increase the level and quality of life, strengthen national security, build a modern highly-efficient industry, develop social sector.

The production growth priorities of the country in general and of subject of Russian Federation depend on consolidation of the efforts of the state and the engineering community. That is why it was decided to convoke «Engineering Assembly of Russia» — a large-scale professional forum with a wide range of goals and priorities of the work; its’ main purpose is integration of the scientific community, government and business, development of joint strategic decisions aimed at the development and improvement of engineering in Russia and increase the competitiveness of industrial enterprises under current conditions.

Engineering Studies

The latest software

Top management of industrial companies

Professional engineering community

Engineering Assembly Agenda 2022

Representatives of public authorities

Research Studies

Innovative Solutions

Experts in the field of engineering

For visitors

  • A unique opportunity to visit the event free of charge for members of Engineering Club;
  • Relevant reports on the prospects of current engineering and engineering solutions;
  • Discussion among professional;
  • Free communication in a friendly atmosphere within Engineering Club;
  • New contacts and business connections

For speakers

  • Unique audience of representatives of the state authorities, owners of business, top managers, engineering and manufacturing services professionals of major industrial enterprises, design offices, scientific and research organizations, etc. After the event - sending reports and presentations to the participants and members of Engineering Club;
  • After the event - sending reports and presentations based on the participants and the Engineering Club;
  • Getting contacts interested in the subject of reports

For partners

  • A unique opportunity to present the products and services to decision-makers in fields of industry and engineering;
  • Opportunity to present the latest developments and solutions of your company;
  • The possibility to organize a demo area to show the products;
  • The possibility of negotiations and signing of agreements;
  • Information and promotional materials could be included in handouts packages for participants;
  • Increase of awareness among the target audience;
  • After the event - the distribution of informational materials among participants and members Engineering Club;
  • New contacts and business connections

For media partners

  • Unique opportunity to cover the Assembly and the latest ideas in the development of engineering and production;
  • Access to professional target audiences;
  • Opportunity to present the media to the participants;
  • Include printed media in handouts for the participants;
  • Opportunity of interviewing the participants
Engineering Assembly of Russia 2022 Speakers

Engineering Assembly of Russia 2022 was held online on June 29.

St. Petersburg has historically concentrated engineering activities of Russia. There are a lot of engineering education institutions both higher and secondary, research institutes, design offices, engineering centers and engineering and technical services operating for industrial enterprises, a large number of companies operates in the field of engineering and Hi-Tech services. St. Petersburg, of course, is also a unique architectural center, an open-air museum.

Vladimir Knyginin

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, from a speech at the Engineering Assembly of Russia:

«Engineering is an innovative industry that can grow at a pace above the average market and serve as a driver of the economy to bring it to a new level of efficiency»

Aleksey Korablev

Invitation to the Engineering Essembly of Russia 2021 from Chairman of the Board of Cluster Creonomyca, President of Concern «R-Pro»

«I invite you to take part in the Engineering Essembly of Russia 2021 — a forum that identifies promising trends in the development of engineering, forming a dialogue between government, business, science and education on the most important issues of industrial development and achieving industrial leadership»

Igor Maksimcev

Rector of the St. Petersburg state. University of Economics:

«The three most important topics on the agenda of the Engineering Essembly are, firstly, a discussion of ways to increase the efficiency of industrial development, and in this regard, the introduction of effective innovations, secondly, this is Eurasian cooperation to develop competitive engineering products and services, and thirdly, of course — issues of improving the training of engineering personnel, including engineering and economic education»

Sergey Naryshkin

Greetings to the participants of the Engineering Essembly of Russia 2015:

«The Engineering Essembly, as an association of professionals in the field of industrial production and engineering, plays an increasingly important role in the innovative development of our enterprises. It is no coincidence that the forum is gathering in St. Petersburg — one of the recognized centers where engineering universities are concentrated, design bureaus, research institutes and many core industries»

Gleb Nikitin

Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, greeting to the participants of the Engineering Essembly 2014

«I am sure that the Engineering Essembly of Russia will allow working out, in close cooperation with the professional community, ways to solve the problems of developing engineering activities in the Russian Federation, and will promote the development of cooperation between the state and business»

Vladimir Vasilyev

Rector of the ITMO University:

«The modern development of industry is directly related to the development of engineering. The economy today is a creative economy of knowledge. The development of a knowledge-based economy is in the focus of the Engineering Assembly»

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