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On April 15, 2009, the Moscow Vorota hotel hosted the interregional forum “Engineering Assembly of Russia”, where directors and heads of engineering and technical services of the largest industrial enterprises in Russia discussed the most pressing problems facing representatives of the real sector of the economy today.

The event was attended by experts from various fields of activity. The topics discussed at the forum covered a wide range of issues from anti-crisis state regulation to recruitment and personnel management. The participants were able not only to hear a number of interesting expert assessments, but also to ask questions, express their opinions, or share practical experience with the audience.

The forum was divided into two parts: plenary session and practical part.

The director of the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Vladimir Knyaginin in his speech gave an expert assessment of the current economic situation and shared with several development alternatives that the modern Russian economy can follow. According to Vladimir Knyaginin’s opinion, “Russia has lost its attractiveness for private equity funds. The country fell in terms of attractiveness for these funds to 9th place from 6th place in 2008th. 74% of institutional investors consider the Russian Federation unattractive for investments over the coming year (EMREA survey of more than 150 foundations and large families).”

One of the main factors in overcoming the crisis should be the restructuring of the economy, expressed in three key elements:

  1. The formation of a new market sector that can grow at a rate exceeding 3-5% per year. As a rule, the basis of this sector is a new technology that promises incredible returns in the future and allows attracting unlimited loans and investments from the stock market to the sector.
  2. The peculiarity of growth after any recession is that the stock bubble is inflated on the basis of new companies. New companies entering the stock market is one of the main reasons for investors.
  3. Each new technology not only creates, but also destroys or at least reduces the value of old skills and the old market. Since the stake is on gaining a monopoly position in the market, it is precisely the possession of the market, and not the current profitability of companies, that determines their capitalization. That is why, according to a number of experts, such instruments of stimulating the economy as the state order and direct cash infusion can not only not have an effect, but also be destructive. Today it is necessary to bet on innovation. An important problem facing the heads of industrial enterprises remains the work with personnel. Participants of the “Engineering Assembly of Russia” heard a number of reports on the provision of modern production facilities with qualified personnel. According to the speakers, today the situation with competent specialists is not as deplorable as it was a few years ago, but there is still a certain personnel shortage.

In the framework of the practical part, all participants were divided into two sections that best corresponded to their interests. The first section was called “Innovative technologies and alternative energy sources, as the most energy-efficient solutions for an industrial enterprise in a crisis”. The moderator of the section was Markin Vladimir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Energy Efficient Technologies Group of Companies. In the second section, the guests discussed “Effective use of tools for interregional and international subcontracting”, the section was headed by Alexey Ulanov, General Director of the St. Petersburg Industry Support Fund.

The “Engineering Assembly of Russia” was attended by heads of enterprises from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, other regions of Russia and the near abroad, representatives of state authorities, the media and public associations.

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